Raise money for your Rugby Club at no cost.

  • Have a FREE “I’m Famous Club Photo Day” and you will earn money from every photo sold!
  • Receive FREE Professionally taken images for publicity purposes.
  • Raise your Rugby Club profile and brand awareness.
  1. Your Rugby club or event will be photographed without charge.
  2. Your club receives complimentary images for their publicity and website.
  3. Your club logo, date and event details are added to make the photograph totally unique and memorable..
  4. Your club gets a FREE personalised club logo merchandising web page, so members can support their club.
  5. Your club receives 15% of sales taken on the day to help with any fundraising goals.
  6. Your club earns 10% commission on all products sold online from photos taken at your club.
  7. Your club earns 10% commission on all personalised club logo products sold from your merchandising webpage.



Rugby “All Action Poster”

Gallery of “All Action Posters”

I’m Famous Rugby Club Photo Day

This is when we come along to your Rubgy Club at the weekends or during the week to take posed individual & action photos of your members using our professional studio backgrounds and lights.

Every one gets photographed for FREE

The chance for each of your club member to have at least 10 professionally taken action photographs of their sport.

Our Rugby “All Action Posters” are instantly created, ready to view, to be printed and purchased immediately.

Your Rugby Club members can order their photos on a range of personalised photo gifts.

Your Club profile will be raised as members show friends and family their personalised action photos including their club branding.

Absolutely no obligation for anyone to purchase prints.
FREE for each club member a image for there Facebook page and smart phone.

We ensure that an “I’m Famous Rugby Club Photo Day” is a fun, rewarding experience.


Rugby “Action Photo”

Gallery of “Action Photos”

Photo Price List

All Rugby photos can be viewed, printed and purchased on the day. Photos are printed on high quality dye-sub printers and presented in an attractive black & silver mount.

  • 6×9″ Single image photo £10.00 or from website £14.66
  • 6×9″ Single image “Action Poster” £15.00 not available online.
  • 6×9″ “Fame in a Frame” £15.00 (our best seller with 5 images + name on a photo!) or from website £18.66
  • 8×12″ “All Action Poster” £20.00 (3 images, name, and graphics) not available online.
  • 8×12″ Magazine Style Covers £20.00

Your young club member will absolutely flip out when they see themselves on the cover of a magazine! They can proudly display this as a success symbol for their current and future achievement possibilities. When they see these framed and on the wall, it can be a major boost in their self-esteem.


Don’t forget – Your Club earns 15% commission from sales taken on the day and 10% from online sales!

Rugby “Fame in a Frame”

Our most popular photo is the celebrated ‘Fame in a Frame!’
One large photograph with four photographs down the left hand side.

Club logo and club members name on bottom of the “Fame in a Frame”

This fabulous photo makes the most wonderful gift for friends and family, as it brings the ‘sporting stars’ moments to life, with its multi image personalised presentation.

Outstanding value for money – not to be missed!

One image captures a moment.

A group of images tells a story!

What’s your story?

Indoor & Outdoor Mobile Studio

Gallery for Show Unit

Rugby Events & Competitions

We offer the finest quality photographic coverage coupled with the equipment and workflow to produce instant prints within a minute at any sized event. Photographs are sent wirelessly from the cameras direct to our viewing and print stations. We only use the award-winning DNP Dye Sublimation printers to ensure fantastic results every time.

Outdoor Events

At outdoor events we bring our self-contained mobile photo studio. This includes our production trailer, 6x3m marquee, multiple viewing stations, dye sub printers, generators, studio backdrop and lights (all our equipment is PAT Tested).

Indoor Events and Club Days

This includes our professional studio set up with lights & a HiLite backdrop for posed photographs. We use green screen technology to create our graphic-enhanced “All Action Posters”.

We can offer up to 5 viewing stations (for people to view their photos on before purchasing them) with instant printing at your event.

Rugby Personalised Photo Gift

Gallery of Gift Products

Rugby Personalised Photo Gifts

Club members can order photos on over 50 personalised photo gifts.
Sports Kit Bag: An invaluable sports kit bag featuring a photo of the “sports star”.
Mouse Mat: Mouse mats are made from high quality fabric with a 6mm heavy-duty natural rubber base.
Wall Clock: Our stylish wall clock shows off the sports star’s details as keeping time to make sure you’re never late for your next event!
Magazine Style Cover: Have your photo on the front page of a sports magazine and become a national star!
Coat Pegs: Our photo coat pegs come with two pegs, and each one is hand-cut and finished to ensure a professional result.
Door Plates: Our personalised door plates are manufactured from 3mm MDF wood, individually hand cut, and supplied with two sticky pads.
Height Chart: Chart your height as well as your sporting career with our sporty height chart.

Online website for ordering Photo Gift from a photo

Your Clubs Personalised Logo Gifts

Gallery of Logo Gifts

Your Rugby Club Merchandising

  • Your club also gets a FREE merchandising page on our website for members to create personalised club branded gifts.
  • Club members and supporters can buy any gift and have it personalised to them.
  • No expense or outlay required to buy stock, we make to order!
  • Your club will earn 10% commission on all products sold on-line – all you have to do is promote the site and personalised gifts to your members & supporters.

Club Logo Sample Site


Our ethos is all about giving back to the community, and we have worked tirelessly over the years to bring much needed fundraising & awareness to groups who are passionate about youth sports & charities.

To date we have raised over £790,000 for schools & clubs through our Fundraising Project and are now aiming to do the same for Youth Sports Clubs.


Join us in celebrating your Club and its members with our “All Action Posters”

Rugby All Action Kit Bag

Rugby All Action Kit Bag