Upgrade Your Tournament With Our Unique Service

Choose OPTION A and receive the following:

  • A5 Souvenir Programmes
  • Competitors Medals
  • Bespoke Tournament Logo
  • Complimentary Officials “Action Photo”
  • Free Team “All Action Photo”

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Choose OPTION B and receive the following:

  • 15% Commission
  • Bespoke Tournament Logo
  • Complimentary Officials “Action Photo”
  • Free Team Photos

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Upgrade your tournament & receive:

  • Gymnastics Programme

    Gymnastics Programme

    OPTION A – A5 Souvenir Programmes for every competitor, with inside page spread of your choice.

    • The programme is designed by us with your information and any special offers available on the day.
    • Simply let us know how many competitors you have participating at your event and we will prepare and print the programme for you.
    • The A4 centre page information is provided by the organiser and traditionally includes details and times of the competitions and categories.
    • The programme is printed to a high quality finish and includes your branding and tournament logo.


  • Gymnastics Competitors Medal

    Gymnastics Competitors Medal

    OPTION A - Competitors Medals for everyone who has their photo taken

    • These colourful medals ensure that everybody feels like they are a winner !
    • The medals show the tournament logo on one side and are supplied with a material lanyard.
    • They are awarded at the photography stand to encourage competitors to have their photo taken which ensures a bigger portfolio of images for your website and marketing after the event.
  • Gymnastic Bespoke Tournament Logo

    Gymnastic Bespoke Tournament Logo

    OPTION A & B - Bespoke Tournament Logo designed for you

    • We will design a unique tournament logo for you to use at your tournament on all your literature and on your website. It will also appear on all the photos, medals & programme, reinforcing your brand and reminding people about the event. 
  • Gymnastics Team Photo

    Gymnastics Team Photo

    OPTION A & B - Every club participating gets a FREE club photo worth £20!

    • Each club will receive a complimentary photo of their team members courtesy of I’m Famous Photography. To qualify for the photo the Coaches will need to:
    • 1) Bring all the team to the stand at the same time – unfortunately we cannot add them in later.
    • 2) Allow time for the team to be photographed individually as well as a team. During the team shot the team will be split into small groups for photographing and then combined in one photograph afterwards. The Coaches will also be photographed.
    • 3) Remain with the team and supply us with an email to forward proof sheets on to after the show which can then be forwarded to parents .
    • 4) Only one 8×12″ photo in a frame is provided per club.
    • Having the I’m Famous Team at your event will:
    • Add a new dimension with our fantastic Green Screen photography
    • Offer something different that will make your tournament stand out from the rest
    • Raise your brand awareness in your league
    • Let students have fun with our props and backdrops !
    • Let the participants enjoy their moment of ‘fame ‘ on our large TV as others see their photos


  • OPTION B  – 15% commission from net sales taken on the day
    • We offer a range of affordable photos and photo gifts made on location
    • Every club participating gets a FREE club photo worth £20!

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Conditions of booking

To attend a tournament Free Of Charge I’m Famous Photography requests that the Organiser:

a) Advises competitors in advance that we will be at the show.

b) Sends all winners to be photographed after receiving their trophies.

c) Announces throughout the event that we are there taking photographs which parents can view or buy and take away.